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Engagement Shoot Preparation

Engagement Shoot Preparation

Engagement Shoot Wedding Photography

Engagement Photoshoots

Engagement photos are a fantastic experience for any couple planning their wedding. The images can be incorporated into your wedding stationery or on social media to build excitement as your special day grows ever closer. It is very important for a photographer to build a relationship with a couple, not only to discuss the photography but also to get to know the bride and groom prior to the wedding.

Engagement shoots are a fantastic way of calming nerves if either partner suffers from ‘camera shyness’.

Choose clothes that show the real you.

It is actually quite important to know what to wear for your engagement shoot.

But…many couples make the mistake of buying new clothes, having hair and make-up done etc.

I can already hear the faint flicking of catalogue pages to find a new suit or frock!

Stop!  Stop now!

These shoots are not designed to make you look false, overdressed or unnatural.

They are for you and your family to see the real you without airs and graces.

Comfort is the key.

You must feel comfortable both with your appearance and in your clothing. Don’t wear heels if they hurt and there is no need to struggle to master a perfect bowtie!

Yes, your faces will be a complete giveaway if your shoes are hurting or your t-shirt feels too small.

Choose clothes that compliment each other.

It is also important to plan your outfits in advance to prevent any colour or pattern clashing which may spoil the look of your photographs.

If one of you wishes to wear a patterned shirt, ensure the other wears a plain one and vice-versa

No need to match.

Again, remember this is not your wedding day; so you don’t have to follow your theme colours on your engagement shoot. You want this to be a unique experience which will look different to the images taken on your big day. Choose bright contrasting colours which will be visible against a variety of backgrounds.

Bring layers for temperature changes.

As we all know, the great British weather can be changeable. So bring along clothing that will keep you warm or cool should you need to add a layer or remove one. It’s all about staying comfortable!

Accessorise for easy, different looks.

A bright scarf, sunglasses, hats and jewellery can all add a slightly different look to your images. Make the most of this opportunity to show off your personalities. If you enjoy a certain hobby together, bring something to the shoot to reflect this.